Meth Inspections

Meth Inspections

What is meth? Methamphetamine is a highly addictive drug that activates the pleasures centers in the brain. Meth may be sold as a powder or rock like substance. The most common names for meth are: Crystal, Crank, Ice, Glass. It is very dangerous and it can create many health problems. Second hand use also can create many health problems by breathing, touching or being around meth contaminants.

Home buyers don’t wait until you have moved in to see if the property is safe. If buying a home, make your offer to purchase contingent upon a clean drug contamination test. Just because a home is clean inside, has been painted, don’t assume it is safe from any contamination. It is costly and damaging to live in a drug contaminated home for you, your family and your future financial well being. The average house that is contaminated with meth to decontaminate it is usually $5,000 dollars and up depending on the contamination amount.

Often times there is no signs of past meth use, but here are some signs:

    • Symptoms while inside the house:, burning eyes or throat, itching, a metallic taste in your mouth and breathing problems.
    • Yellow discoloration on walls, showers, sinks and drains.
    • Blue discoloration on valves of propane tanks and fire extinguishers.
    • Smoke or fire detectors are removed or have been taped over.
    • Unusual strong odors that smell like materials from a garage.
    • The use of security cameras and surveillance equipment.

It is very important to request a meth test. For a few extra dollars it could give a person much comfort knowing if the home is safe or could be a health hazard.
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