For the purposes of this disclaimer Patriot Property Inspection can be addressed as Patriot Property Inspection, the Company, IPS or Inspector(s).

Be advised that all Patriot Property Inspection inspections are confined to visual and accessible areas only. Inspectors shall not inspect any area of the property considered dangerous or hazardous to their safety and health. The purpose of the inspection is to give the client an overview of the general condition of various systems in the property, both structurally and component-wise on the day of the inspection only.

Be advised that IPS inspectors are not engineers and can only render a visual report on the functional conditions of the structure and components at time of inspection. Inspectors are generalists and are not specialists. The Company inspectors do not note cosmetic or aesthetic conditions of the property.

Be advised that warranties and guarantees are not given on any inspected components. The inspector’s report is limited to the day and time of inspection and cannot be liable for future unforeseen malfunctions of any components that have or may occur.

Some inspection components may or may not be covered by your Real Estate Contract or a purchased warranty. Consult your Realtor or Attorney regarding your contractual conditions and along with any warranty companies. In most cases the client received a copy of the inspection agreement and has agreed to the contract as stated.

Although some safety issues may be addressed in this inspection, this inspection is not a safety or code inspection. This Patriot Property Inspection inspection may not reveal all deficiencies but is intended to help reduce some of the risk involved in purchasing a property.

The client agrees and understands that the maximum liability incurred by the IPS Inspector/The Company for errors and omissions in the inspection shall be limited to the inspection fee. The client agrees that if a dispute between the client and company results from an inspection, arbitration will be required to be performed by an Arbitration Service company from Utah specializing in construction. If a dispute cannot be resolved between each party or through arbitration and if the client initiates a lawsuit against the Company, then the client shall be responsible for all court costs and attorney fees for both parties.

The client has employed this IPS inspection company to perform a visual inspection of all accessible areas and components at the time of inspection. The client or there representative was present, or had the opportunity to be present for all or part of the inspection, and had the chance to accompanied the inspector during the inspection. The client does not hold the inspection company and/or inspector liable for future malfunctions or replacements needed of structural systems or components of the property inspected.

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